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Radio install information
Nov 25, 2014

Here at A&S Installation

Every time we install a radio in your car or truck we use a dash kit, a dash kit is a custom made insert that lets you install any radio into your cars "factory look". many are contoured and textured to match vehicle factory dash.

We also install a wire harness, that uses your factory plug into the installation. there is NO need to cut your factory harness.

for "most" cars these installation items both will run you around 40 dollars. Some car's have heater controls, and other electronic items, or adaptors built in for that specific type of automobile.

if that is the case these items will cost allot more. before getting a quote for yourself from us or anyone else , always remember  to check with us first by calling or texting the shop with your year, make and model.

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I came in a few weeks back because I used car I had purchased came with a remote starter but it was functioning intermittently. When I got there, the staff was extremely courteous, friendly , and willing to help. After it was determined that whoever originally installed my compustar remote start system, half a**ed it by folding wires over and not plugging everything in, I had them redo the entire install from scratch. Everything works flawlessly now, and considering how much time & effort they put into my car, it was a very fair price. I am absolutely going to recommend A & S installations to all my friends/colleagues and will most certainly buy from here in the future.

Posted By: Alex R

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